Due to exceptional circumstances, there may be some slight delays in application processing.


Thank you for your interest in the Rajeff Sports Pro Portal Program!  The Pro Portal program is an extension of our sales team and marketing efforts, and program participation is managed by these teams.  This program is primarily for licensed Guides & shop employees. Select fishing/outdoor industry professionals are approved on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the regional sales rep for your area.  When applying, please understand beforehand that most applications that are not for licensed guides or shop employees are not approved without a sales rep or industry affiliate referral.

Since we are not a direct-to-consumer company, we rely on our fly shops to sell our products to retail consumers.  This program’s purpose is to help spread awareness of ECHO and AIR-LOCK products, and to help drive business to our fly shops through your efforts.

Your application will be reviewed by our marketing department and/or your regional sales rep, depending on your qualifications.  We work closely with our regional sales reps to make decisions regarding pro portal applicants.

Please respect our program guidelines and provide all necessary documentation so that we can continue to offer these discount programs to you and your business.

Guides & Charters

To make sure your application is processed, please read this and the application in their entirety.

The Rajeff Sports Pro Portal program is primarily for full time guides and charters to outfit their personal operations.  All guide and charter members must have current documentation on file at Rajeff Sports to keep their Pro Portal Access active.  When your account is due for renewal, we ask that you take a few minutes to complete a new application with current documents.  All pro portal renewals or new applications must send their current documents without exception.

Note:  Affiliation with a Rajeff Sports dealer may be required in some regions at the sales rep’s discretion.  Dealer affiliation is not always a requirement, but lack of affiliation may lead to additional correspondence to determine eligibility.


Acceptable forms of verification:

  • Guide license
  • Captain’s license
  • Current business license
  • Echo/Airflo dealer referral
  • Sales rep referral

Applications that do not include at least one of the above will not be processed or considered.  Some applications may require additional documents or referrals.

Please understand that just having a guide license or other documentation may not always be enough to be admitted or renewed to the program.  Please include enough information in your application to show that you are running or are part of an operation that will get Rajeff Sports products in to the hands of clients.  Showing fly shop affiliations, a history of well-booked seasons, and a quality client experience will ensure a strong application for discount privileges.  Not all applications are approved for a number of reasons, and all applications are considered on a case-by-case basis.

We know and understand that some locations have no guide license requirement.  For these guide operations, we still require documentation to show the guide operation is a legal business.


Not valid for Pro Portal verification (These can, however, be included to help strengthen your application):

  • Websites
  • Social media accounts
  • Business Cards
  • Videos
  • Fish photos
  • Calendars

Dealer Employees

The Rajeff Sports Pro Portal program is open to employees of all of our dealers.  Full time employees are eligible for the same benefits as guide members.


Acceptable forms of verification:

  • Fly shop pay stub
  • Shop owner referral
  • Regional sales rep referral

Not valid for Pro Portal verification:

  • Websites
  • Social media accounts
  • Business Cards
  • Videos
  • Fish photos
  • Calendars

Outdoor Industry/ Field Professionals / Other

Our program is open to full time outdoor professionals, journalists, and other unique situations on a case-by-case basis.  These qualifications are all at the discretion of the regional sales rep for your area, and approvals can take extra time to evaluate.  Our program qualification guidelines have been narrowed as of 2017, so previous qualifying positions may no longer be eligible.  Please understand this program is for licensed, full time guides and employees of our dealers.  Any other qualifications will be at the discretion of the local sales rep. We can make no guarantees or likelihood of any application approvals for other types of applications.


Acceptable forms of verification:

  • Pay Stub
  • Executive referral
  • Rajeff Sports sales team referral

The following qualifications typically are not approved on their own.  However, if you feel you should be considered, you can have your local Rajeff Sports Products dealer or regional sales representative approve/endorse your application.  This program is all about connections to fly shops/dealers, so establishing that connection is essential.

  • Biologists**
  • Wildlife Department employees**
  • Bloggers
  • Social media gurus
  • Competition team members

Not valid for Pro Portal verification:

  • Websites
  • Social media accounts
  • Business Cards
  • Videos
  • Fish photos
  • Calendars

If your application is not approved, we would be happy to help you find a local fly shop to purchase our products from.  Application denial is not a reflection of our feelings toward your position or your contribution to fish, fisheries, or the fishing community. At Rajeff Sports, we have continued to support fly shops first, and have not implemented a “direct-to-consumer” business model.  Because of this, our list of qualifications for who we are able to sell to directly is very small.  We appreciate your understanding and are happy to answer any questions you may have.  If your local dealer contacts us approving your program status (if you were denied), your application will be reconsidered.

**for Biologists and Wildlife Department employees:  if your application is not approved, we are often able to get your agency set up with an account for department/agency use.  Due to industry-wide changes in pro purchase programs, individual purchases for rods/reels/lines are typically no longer permitted.

Certified Casting Instructors

Certified casting instructors are eligible to one pro portal purchase per year.


Acceptable forms of verification:

  • CCI Certificate

Lodges & Outfitter Operations

If you run a lodge operation and are planning to purchase rods and lines for the entire operation’s use, we have a separate program for these purchases.  Our Pro Portal program is for individual guides to outfit their personal needs.  For lodge purchases, please email or call us directly to set up your lodge purchase account.  Your lodge’s participation may be at the discretion of your regional sales rep.

Email:  info@rajeffsports.com

Phone:  360-694-2900


At Rajeff Sports, we happily support the fly fishing industry through our dealer network and by supporting fishing guides and industry professionals.  As a member of our Pro Portal, we ask that you please abide by these guidelines.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.


Purchases are for you and you alone

Items purchased through the Pro Portal are for your own personal and guide operation use only.  Purchasing for friends, gifts, and for resale are strictly prohibited.

Resale sites and forums are monitored.  Any attempt to publicly re-sell items purchased through this program are grounds for immediate and permanent removal from the program.

All Sales are Final

Returns/exchanges will only be accepted for items that we sent to you incorrectly.  Defective items must be processed through our warranty department:  http://www.echoflyfishing.com/warranty

If you have a defective item, please send it back to us for evaluation.  It is our policy to not send call tags/prepaid labels.  Once we receive your item, we will evaluate it and issue a full refund or replacement if deemed defective. 

Ordering Must be done online

All Pro Portal members must order online.  No phone, email, or walk-in orders are permitted.

Your Discount Privileges are Confidential

While we’re just as stoked as you to have you on the program, and encourage spreading the word about our brands, we ask you do not share your discount status with others:  especially non-qualifying members and dealers.  Bragging to a dealer that you receive discounts is grounds for immediate removal from the program.

Purchase Limits

We have no official purchase limits for our Pro Portal products.  However, if there is what appears to be excessive purchasing of certain products, your account may be temporarily deactivated so we can talk about your purchases to make sure they’re being purchased for your personal/business use.  After this discussion, if everything looks good, we will activate your account again.  This will typically happen when upwards of 5+ Echo rods, or $500+ in Airflo lines are purchased within a calendar year.

Be advised:  You may be asked to show a photo of purchased items to verify they are in your possession.

Professionalism Matters

Program members and applicants who conduct themselves in an unprofessional manner on the water or in their correspondence with us, our dealers, or other brands are subject to possible disqualification.

Program members and applicants may be removed or denied from the program without warning.  We reserve the right to deny access to our program privileges from anyone whom we deem unqualified for any reason.