Pro Portal Renewal

Please fill out the form below to re-apply and renew your Pro Portal access.  Renewal is required for all Pro Portal members.  Please fill out the entire form and attach up-to-date verification documents.  We are required to verify every Pro Portal member without exceptions.

Note:  There is an ongoing industry-wide change in how these programs work and who qualifies for various programs.  Having previously been part of the Pro Portal programs does not guarantee continued access privileges.  If your previously qualifying position no longer qualifies for Pro purchase, we sincerely apologize and would be happy to assist you in finding a local fly shop to continue purchasing your gear.  If you are not qualified for renewal, it is no indication of our appreciation for your work or contributions to the outdoor and fishing worlds.  At Rajeff Sports, we support fly shops and our priority is serving and supporting them.  In order to achieve this, we continue to not offer direct-to-consumer sales.  This has resulted in us having a very narrow set of qualifying guidelines we are able to approve for these programs in order to satisfy our sales agreements.

Other changes:  Alaska and Montana guides are required to provide a bit more information.  This is due to a growing problem with program abuse from applicants from these particular areas.  If you are legitimately guiding, then you will have no issues with the new hoops to jump through, so no worries.  We’re just doing what we can to keep this program just to those who are actually qualified.

Additionally, we now must get a shipping address on file.  These past two years has seen a very large increase in members shipping gear to friends at multiple addresses.  We’re now required to get a shipping address on file for all members and hold orders if going somewhere else.

Please ignore all the “fill out the account creation” messages in the form.  There is no account to create if you are renewing.  Just check the boxes to make it happy and everything is all good.


At Rajeff Sports, we happily support the fly fishing industry through our dealer network and by supporting fishing guides and industry professionals.  As a member of our Pro Portal, we ask that you please abide by these guidelines.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.


Purchases are for you and you alone

Items purchased through the Pro Portal are for your own personal and guide operation use only.  Purchasing for friends, gifts, and for resale are strictly prohibited.

Resale sites and forums are monitored.  Any attempt to publicly re-sell items purchased through this program are grounds for immediate and permanent removal from the program.

All Sales are Final

Returns/exchanges will only be accepted for items that we sent to you incorrectly.  Defective items must be processed through our warranty department:

Ordering Must be done online

All Pro Portal members must order online.  No phone, email, or walk-in orders are permitted.

Your Discount Privileges are Confidential

While we’re just as stoked as you to have you on the program, and encourage spreading the word about our brands, we ask you do not share your discount status with others:  especially non-qualifying members and dealers.  Bragging to a dealer that you receive discounts is grounds for immediate removal from the program.

Purchase Limits

We have no official purchase limits for our Pro Portal products.  However, if there is what appears to be excessive purchasing of certain products, your account may be temporarily deactivated so we can talk about your purchases to make sure they’re being purchased for your personal/business use.  After this discussion, if everything looks good, we will activate your account again.  This will typically happen when upwards of 5+ Echo rods, or $500+ in Airflo lines are purchased within a calendar year.

Be advised:  You may be asked to show a photo of purchased items to verify they are in your possession.

Professionalism Matters

Program members and applicants who conduct themselves in an unprofessional manner on the water or in their correspondence with us, our dealers, or other brands are subject to possible disqualification.

Program members and applicants may be removed or denied from the program without warning.  We reserve the right to deny access to our program privileges from anyone whom we deem unqualified for any reason.

Please ignore all the “fill out the account creation” messages in the form.  There is no account to create if you are renewing.  Just check the boxes to make it happy and everything is all good.