Discount purchase program

2020 Discount Code: TEAM2020

  1. This Code must be entered at checkout to receive your special pricing. All pricing on the Portal is listed at 50% off retail. By using the code above, you will receive special Team USA pricing of 70% off.

  2. Bookmark this webpage and check here before you log in and purchase as this code may change

  3. If you fail to use this code and finalize your order, we will not refund the difference or update the order.  It’s a done deal when you confirm the order.

  4. No refunds, returns, or exchanges allowed.

  5. For rod Warranty service, visit – we recommend purchasing extra tip sections if using Shadow rods for competition


Head to our online portal and create an account


After your account is created, give our pro accounts manager a heads up by emailing – be sure to mention Team USA in the email and/or subject line.  Once notified, it may take a day or two for the account to be activated.  You will receive an email confirmation once it’s ready to go.


Use the Rajeff Sports Pro Portal here for all team discount purchases